Java Desktop (Release 2) How tos

How to Set clock
Instructions for setting the clock on Java Desktop. This includes forcing the change to be stored in the Hardware Clock.
Magic Commands for wireless Useful Commands for working with the wireless interfaces on Java Desktop. There are commands to locate the available access points, set up the device and get an IP address
Wireless Interface file
Interface Configuration file sample for the wireless device on the Toshiba Tecra M2 laptop using Linuxant to enable the built in wireless device.
How to Configure Gaim Sounds By default the Gaim client only beeps at you when event occur. This configuration changes makes Gaim use the real sounds for events.
How to stop the blank pages from printing before each print job At least on an HP LaserJET 1100, Java Desktop likes to print extra pages to the printer. This setting stops that from happening.
Making Video Projector work with Tecra M2 There are a few things that have to be done to make the M2 running Java Desktop capable of displaying to an external video device. These notes will show you how and have sample XF86Free files that are needed to make this work.

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