Magic Commands for Wireless

iwlist scanning Give  the list of Access Points and Ad-Hoc cells in range, and optionally a whole bunch of  information about  them  (ESSID,  Quality, Frequency, Mode..
Iwconfig  is  similar  to ifconfig(8), but is dedicated to the wireless interfaces. It is used to set the  parameters of  the  network interface which are specific to the wire less operation (for example :  the  frequency).  example: iwconfig eth0 essid any
ifup  is  used  to  bring up a preconfigured interface for networking. It is usually invoked by the network script at boot  time or by the PCMCIA/hotplug system. It can also be used to start interfaces manually on the command line.  It activates  the  link,  adds addresses and other parameters and sets up the routes for an interface. example: ifup eth1 - will start dhcp on device
ifdown is used to stop a network interface. This is will drop the ip address for the interface, example: ifdown eth1 - will stop dhcp on device

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