How to Create an Organization in 6.2

1) Create the organization
2) Register services for the new organization.
  • CORE
  • LDAP
  • Membership
  • Policy Configuration
  • Portal Desktop
3) Create Templates for Registered Services
4) Set internal LDAP password for:
  • Password for Root User Bind for LDAP Authentication
  • Password for Root User Bind for Membership Authentication
  • LDAP Bind Password for Policy Configuration
5) Under CORE component Set the "Default Success Login URL" to %protocol://%host:%port/portal/dt
6) Create the Desktop REFERRAL policy for the new organization. (This is done in the Parent Org)
  • Choose Policies then new
  • create a new Referral Policy
  • add a Rule to the policy for Portal Desktop Type
  • add a referral to the policy for the new Sub Org
7) Go to the New Organization  and Create a normal Portal Desktop policy for the new organization.
  • Choose Policy then new
  • select Normal in Type of Policy
  • Choose Rules from the View menu in the data pane and click Add. The Add Rule page opens in the data pane
  • Select Portal Desktop from the Service menu and click Next. Make sure Has Privilege to Execute Desktop is checked.
  • Set Subject to desired
6) Modify Portal Desktop by changing:
  • Default Channel Name to JSPTabContainer
  • Set Portal Desktop Type to sampleportal or the directory of the templates. If you choose to use something else you must create the directory in /etc/opt/SUNWps/desktop. (Easiest way is cp -r sampleportal something
Note: (This Defaults to default)
7) Create a User in Organization

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