The URLScraperWithUIDProvider is an extention of the URLScraper provided in the base product. This extension extracts the URL from the channel definition and appends the uid to the URL. The uid is appened to the URL using "?uid=uidValue" - however, if there is already a "?" in the URL then the uid is appended using  "&uid=uidValue"

Download the tar ball:  URLScraperWithUIDProvider.tar and un-tar it into a know directory.

In this directory you will find a deploy shell script. You must edit this script to change the values to appropriate values for your system.  Also the java compiler must be available for the script to build the class file

Once the script has been edited  do "sh deploy".

Next log in to the Admin Console and create a new channel using the URLScraperWithUIDProvider provider. Put the URL for the page that you are calling in the URL field.Then place the channel into a container and you are done!

NOTE: Currently this code has a problem if the URL that is defined in the channel contains spaces. You can replace the spaces with %20 and all if fine!