Definitions for XML describing a Theme in V6.3

You can now change almost everything about the display with out modifing the templates!

 <Collection name="NewCompany">
    <String name="description" value="NewCompany" /> Name of Theme
    <String name="bgColor" value="white"/> Color for background of portlets
    <String name="titleBarColor" value="green"/> Color of Title Bars for portlets and the selected tab
    <String name="fontColor" value="black"/>
    <String name="borderColor" value="black"/> Color of Border around portlets
    <String name="borderWidth" value="1"/> Width of the line around the portlet
    <String name="fontFace" value="Sans-serif"/>
    <String name="fontSize" value="3"/>
    <String name="activeBulletImage" value="branded_bullet_on.gif"/> Images for active menu item
    <String name="inactiveBulletImage" value="branded_bullet_off.gif"/> Images for active menu item
    <String name="brandImage" value="logo.gif"/> Image in upper left corner of header
    <String name="brandImage2" value="spacer.gif"/> Images right of brandImage
    <String name="brandImageBgColor" value="#ddddcc"/> Background color for upper left corner
    <String name="brandImage2BgColor" value="#ddddcc"/> Background color for brand image2
    <String name="brandBgColor" value="#ddddcc"/> Background Color  for entire brand area
    <String name="brandImageWidth" value="300"/> Size of image in upper left corner
    <String name="headerBgColor" value="#ddddcc"/> Background color for menu section in upper right and footer
    <String name="headerFontColor" value="black"/>  Font color for menu section in upper right and footer
    <String name="headerText" value="sansSerif11Font"/> Font name for menu section in upper right
    <String name="tabNotchImage" value="tabNotch.gif"/>
    <String name="tabColor" value="#354a5f"/> Color for non-selected tabs
    <String name="tabFontColor" value="white"/> Font color for tabs
    <String name="contentLayoutLinkColor" value="#FFFFFF"/> Font Color for the content and layout words
    <String name="contentLayoutText" value="sansSerif10Font"/> Font name for content and layout words
    <String name="linkSeparatorColor" value="#CCCCCC"/> Color for the separater between content&layout
    <String name="tableBgColor" value="#FFFFFF"/> background color for the table that the portlet are in
    <String name="titleFontColor" value="#ffffff"/>
    <String name="titleText" value="sansSerif10Font"/>
    <String name="channelHighlightColor" value="#ffffff"/> not sure about this. The only place appears to
                                                                      be used is in the Sample JSP page for the parameter section display

    <String name="channelLinkColor" value="#3a2eb5"/> ??not sure
    <String name="previewImage" value="Sun_preview.gif"/> This is the image that is shown when showing theme
    <String name="helpImage" value="b_help.gif"/> These don't seem  to make a difference
    <String name="removeImage" value="b_remove.gif"/> These don't seem  to make a difference
    <String name="minimizeImage" value="b_minimize.gif"/> These don't seem  to make a difference
    <String name="maximizeImage" value="b_maximize.gif"/> These don't seem  to make a difference
    <String name="normalizeImage" value="b_normal.gif"/> These don't seem  to make a difference
    <String name="attachImage" value="b_attach.gif"/> These don't seem  to make a difference
    <String name="detachImage" value="b_new_window.gif"/> These don't seem  to make a difference
    <String name="editImage" value="b_edit.gif"/> These don't seem  to make a difference

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