Creating an AppProvider Channel

  1. Login to the the Admin Console
  2. Selected the "Identity Management" tab
  3. Go to the Organization that you want to create the channel in.
  4. Select view Services
  5. Click on the arrow beside of the "Portal Desktop" item
  6. Click on the "Manage Channels and Containers" link
  7. In the Channels section click the New button to create a new channel
  8. Specify a name for the channel and select appProvider for the provider from the pull down list
  9. Press OK
  10. Edit the new channel by clicking on Edit Properties for the new channel that was added in step 9.
  11. At this point you can change the name, font, description.
  12. Click on the Targets link to define the links for the applications.
  13. Click on New and this will bring up a form to enter the information
  14. Enter the Name of the application in the Name Field.
  15. Enter the application specification in the value field. The format of this data is Name|URL where Name is the same as defined in step 14
  16. Save the data. Repeat steps 13-15 until all applications are defined.
  17. Go back up to the channel level this is done by clicking on the channel name at the top of the page
  18. Click on the UserApps link
  19. Click on New
  20. Enter the Name of the application in the Name field. This much match the Name in step 9.
  21. If the Application is to be by default available to a user you must put the Name in step 20 into the Value field. If the value field is not set to the same value as the Name field the user will have to use the edit button on the channel and select the Applications they wish to have show up in the channel.
  22. Save your work
  23. Click on the Channel name at the top of the page to return to the main channel definition window.
  24. Save your work at the channel level.
The channel is now available to be added to the required container.

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