How to Create an Organization in 6.3

1) Create the organization
2) Register services for the new organization.
  • CORE
  • LDAP
  • Portal Desktop
3) Create Templates for Core and then:
  • Set the "Default Success Login URL" to %protocol://%host:%port/portal/dt

4) Create Template for LDAP and then:
  • Delete the "DN to Start User Search" value and add back the o=org,dc=what,dc=ever (this will prevent users from other orgs being able to touch this org)
  • Set the Password for Root User Bind

5) Create Template for Portal Desktop and then:
  • Set Portal Desktop Type to sampleportal or the directory of the templates. If you choose to use something else you must create the directory in /etc/opt/SUNWps/desktop. (Easiest way is cp -r sampleportal something
Note: (This Defaults to default)
6) Create a User in Organization and make sure that you assign the portal desktop service to the user.

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