Fatwire Spark 6.3 Display Profile Deployment

After Fatwire has been installed there is a post installation step that requires you to create the channels and containers for the Fatwire Portlets. Contained in this tar file fatwireDisplay.tar are the necessary scripts and xml files to automatically load the portlets.

download the tar ball above and untar it in a known location. To load the channels and containers do the following:

sh loadFatwireDisplay.sh adminUser password
where adminUser is the amadmin dn
      password is the amadmin password

for example: sh loadFatwireDisplay.sh uid=amadmin,ou=people,dc=somewhere,dc=com mypassword

to remove the Fatwire portlets run the removeFatwireDisplay.sh script. For example:
sh removeFatwireDisplay.sh uid=amadmin,ou=people,dc=somewhere,dc=com mypassword
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