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Where do I set files versus DNS?


DHCP Client Startup

The dhcpagent daemon obtains configuration information that is needed by
other processes involved in booting the system. For this reason, the
system startup scripts start dhcpagent early in the boot process and
wait until the network configuration information from the DHCP server

The presence of the file /etc/dhcp.interface (for example,
/etc/dhcp.hme0 on a Sun Enterprise UltraTM system) indicates to the
startup scripts that DHCP is to be used on the specified interface. Upon
finding a dhcp.interface file, the startup scripts start the dhcpagent

After startup, dhcpagent waits until it receives instructions to
configure a network interface. The startup scripts issue the ifconfig
interface  dhcp start command, which instructs dhcpagent to start DHCP
as described in How DHCP Works. If commands are contained within the
dhcp.interface file, they are appended to the dhcp start option of
ifconfig. See the ifconfig(1M) man page for more information about
options used with the dhcp option.

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Where do I set files versus DNS?

I seem to have a bad habit of forgetting where this is located. The file that you want to change is /etc/nsswitch

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