Solaris How tos

Connect to Sun Serial Console
from Linux
Linux provides two methods (programs) that can be used to connect to a serial console of a Sun server.
How to Configure Samba Configuring Samba on Solaris 9. The format isn't pretty but you can get the picture of what needs to be done to configure Samba for Solaris.
Network Help Network helps for Solaris 9 like configuring DHCP.
How to Mount and ISO file To keep from burning a CD it is possible to mount ISO files directly in Solaris. This describes the sets necessary to do that.
How to grep through
sub directories
I always wanted to know how to find a string in any file in a directory tree. This is the command!
How to configure Solaris to Authentication against a Sun Java System Access Manager LDAP Server Detailed instructions for configuring LDAP Authentication for Solaris including groups, netgroup and auto_home auto mounting
Allow Root login on non-Console device Configuration guideline to un-restrict root from being able to log in from a non-Console device.
Mount JDS NFS file
system from Solaris
How can I mount a NFS file system served up by Java Desktop?

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